Trading Costs

Trading costs related to buying and selling shares on the JSE can vary significantly between platforms. Whilst some costs are the same across platforms - security transfer tax (0.25%) & FSB protection levy (0.002%), other costs - brokerage and even STRATE fees - can vary considerably from platform to platform.

What is the most cost effective solution for one person, may not be the most cost effective for you. Because, there are two important factors which determine the tradings costs you will be paying on different trading platforms.

1. The size of your portfolio. Whilst most plaforms charge the same commission irrespective of size, there are some (e.g. Rand Swiss) which will provide you considerably lower brokerage commission once your portfolio value gets to a certain size.

2. The size of your trade. All brokers take the size of your trade into account when determining your trading fees. However, some apply a sliding scale. Others a tiered scale. Most charge a minimum fee.

The trading costs calculator takes all the T's & C's of each brokerage platform into account. It works out your trading costs.