Which trading platform is best for investing in JSE shares ?

Finding the right JSE trading platform for YOUR NEEDS is hard.

Did you know that costs between platform can vary consirably? For a R5'000 trade, you can be paying up to 4% in fees! Your investment would have to recoup that 4% loss before you are in-the-money.

But comparing costs between all the different platforms is hard. And dull. Each platform's terms & conditions needs to be interpreted and taken into account. There are flat, tiered and sliding scale fees. Some charge depending on the size of your portfolio. Others based on your trading amount. Some apply hefty minimum fees. Others do not. I have gone through all of these fee disclosures. For each platform. And brought them all together in this simple, easy interactive guide.

Table of Contents

#1: JSE Trading Cost Rankings
This allows you to compare your trading costs - brokerage, settlement & tax - across all platforms.

#2: JSE Total All-In Cost Rankings
Whilst trading costs are arguably the most important costs to consider, there are also monthly administration charges you need to take into account. This calculator estimates the total monthly fees you will be paying based on your portfolio size, trading frequency & amounts.

#3: Quick Compare
Compare two brokers side-by-side. Who will win?


#A: Your Personal TIC Calculator. Are your costs higher than 1.7% of your portfolio? Then you should act. Find out here.

#B: What is a stock broker?

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  • Dean (@Dean_Elson)- "Extremely easy to use, concise and definitely a helpful tool in navigating the costs of trading."

  • Jay Ehlers (@jayelher13) - "This is insane!"

  • Alan (@live2ride_life) - "This JSE Stockbroker is great because you can quickly and easily see what it will cost trading on different platforms. I tried my own on a spreadsheet and it took ages to setup. This is just so much easier, well done!"

  • @markyctn - "A fantastic Stockbroking cost comparison tool .. easy to use with great explanations all the way through ! A must have tool for every aspiring retail investor in South Africa!"